Ultrafine zirconium silicate

The application of ultra-fine zirconium silicate: zirconium raw material, gem, catalyst, cementing agent, glass...
Product description

1. Basic properties of zirconium silicate
Properties: zirconium silicate is an odorless white or grayish white powder. Its composition is ZrSiO4, refractive index is 1.95, Mohs hardness is 7-8, specific gravity is 4.6-4.7, melting point is 2550 ℃, decomposition point is 1550 ℃, thermal expansion coefficient is 4.5 * 10-6.

2. Application of zirconium silicate
Zirconium silicate is a kind of ceramic glaze opacifier with high quality and low price. It is mainly used in the production of building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, daily-use ceramics and electric ceramics. It has the characteristics of fine particle size, good dispersion, strong covering power, good opacification and good fluidity. It has strong wear resistance and whitening effect.

3. Production varieties


4. Product packaging
40kg woven bag.


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